Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Paleo Brussels sprouts and cauliflower gratin ... in the Thermomix

I was looking for a side dish to accompany a lamb roast a few nights ago and came across a Brussels sprouts gratin recipe in a new cookbook I had recently acquired.

It looked intriguing enough I wanted to give it a shot but decided that since we're being good these days I would convert it into a paleo recipe. Off I went onto the interwebz to scour for a paleo gratin recipe. I found one using cauliflower and converted it into this recipe.

Here's what I ended up doing: (note: This recipe uses the Thermomix but I have also included instructions for those of you who don't use a Thermomix in your cooking).

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Paleo Italian pumpkin and sausage breakfast casserole

The Boy and I have been working on getting healthier. We're going away soon and while away, I'm certain we will be eating a lot of naughty foods so we're being good before the fact. :-)

In an effort to be healthier, we did a big Spring clean of our pantry (so many expired things lurking in the back corners!) and have decided to cut out wheat (going gluten free) and carbs.

We're going gluten free because I've been feeling rather unwell in the morning after a dinner which contains wheat, like pasta of some sort. Cutting out carbs is just a good idea all round.

In our hunt for healthier food recipes, we're dipping our toes into some Paleo recipes and many gluten free ones. In a happy coincidence, Paleo is also gluten free. :-)

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Asparagus and tomato salad

The weather has been completely bonkers lately. It's late Fall / Autumn here and is the weather cooperating? No. Mind you, the weather has been close to perfect. Warm, sunny days, cool, clear nights, but still ... not the normal weather for this time of the year.

So ... salads. We are still having a few of those now and then because the weather isn't quite what we'd call "soup weather" yet. But it's getting there. :-) This morning was a little chilly when we woke up.

This is a particularly easy to make salad and also great for taking to friends when out visiting and you want to bring a dish. You can easily assemble the salad at home, put the dressing ready to go in a jar and it transports well. It also keeps well.

I've really enjoyed this particular salad. It's fresh but satisfying. Sometimes, I like to jush it up with some marinated feta if I want to get all fancy. It adds to the flavor.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Chicken congee ... or as we call it, chicken "chook"

If you don't follow me on Instagram or the Daz in the Kitchen page, (what are you waiting for? Go follow me!!) you probably don't know I post a lot of pictures of the food I eat, whether it be eating out or eating in. I even post pictures of food I don't cook, thanks to my mummy cooking some meals for us when she is home.

Mum is a fantastic cook but her specialty is Asian, namely Malaysian and Chinese food. I don't cook Asian food because I've been spoiled by mum's cooking and any time I want good home cooked Asian food, I go visit mum.

Recently, I posted a picture of chicken congee or rice porridge which mum threw together for us for dinner. She had bought some BBQ chicken from Coles and I wanted mum to make me dinner. :-)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Steak and garlic butter rice salad ... perfect with leftovers

Yes, yes, can you believe it? Blog posts weekly for a few weeks!! You know what that means? It means I've been home and I have been cooking!! Nothing super fancy or super complicated, just some simple everyday meals that we enjoy and are tasty, tasty.

We cooked a huge cattleman's cut steak for dinner recently and it was HUGE. We shared one between The Boy and I and still only managed to finish half of it. I saved the leftovers for a steak salad and this is one of my go to recipes for a tasty steak salad. I like adding the garlic rice because it makes it super tasty. Garlic and butter .... mmmm .....

Here's what I did:

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sous vide steak with chimmichurri sauce and healthy crispy fries

Hello there! As you can see, I am making an effort to post recipes more frequently. Not the easiest to do as I am not at home very often these days and I only get to cook occasionally on the weekends and I am not trying new recipes as regularly either.

This one is a regular in our home. The Boy seems to enjoy it a great deal.

We discovered this fantastic butcher called Springbok Deli along our travels and have been picking up some steaks from them whenever we are able to get to them. We usually pick up about 4 steaks and get them vacuum packed and frozen when we get home.

Vacuum packing and freezing is fantastic because (1) the steaks last a long time and (2) a vacuum packed steak is perfect for the sous vide. Just defrost and into the sous vide.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Review of the Philips XL Air Fryer

So, I've been using my air fryer a lot lately and of course, have been raving about it. Nifty little gadget that thing.

I have been hemming and hawing about an air fryer for well over a year now, maybe more.

The first time I saw it was in a video, someone I was watching was raving about making chips in the air fryer with little to no oil and that appealed to me a great deal.

The reason I had been hesitant was because I did not know what else I would cook in the air fryer other than chips. Turns out it's quite a lot of stuff.

On a side note, I'm progressively putting my air fryer recipes on the blog. The first one was for crispy chips. They turned out great.

Back to the air fryer ... then more recently, we visited a friend and she had an air fryer. She's had hers for many, many years and loves it. I asked what she cooked in it and she said chips, dim sims, spring rolls, chicken schnitzel and sausages.